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WPX Hosting Review – Pricing – Discount Codes – Coupons

A beautifully designed WordPress website would only go to waste if it always experiences crashes and or is very slow to load and cater to the client’s needs. Sure, traditional hosting services work well but WordPress hosting can do so much more for a relatively affordable rate.

One such WordPress hosting service that has always been on top of any list is WPX Hosting. WPX Hosting has consistently provided top-quality service to its clients. Needless to say, WPX Hosting is one of the fastest WordPress hosting there is and they offer great customer support and all of these at a budget-friendly rate.

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What makes WPX Hosting stand out?

Faster than the rest

When WPX Hosting comes to mind immediately the words “Fastest and Consistency” follow. Experts amongst tech companies have run tests across all WordPress Hosting services and WPX hosting is the fastest to load image-heavy sites, plugin intensive sites, websites under stress test, and websites with simultaneously having multiple visitors.

This is lightning-fast speed and performance! Switching to WPX Hosting can have dramatic speed improvements to any website. This is very important when the business is aiming for more conversion rates and improve the overall user experience. After all, sometimes a momentary lag can make or break a visitor in making a decision.

Great Value for Money

WPS Hosting is rather an affordable option compared to a few other WordPress hosts. Currently, they offer an entry-level business plan, a Professional plan, and their Elite plan. The Professional plan is currently their most popular one.

Do be careful when trying to cut on the budget for a good WordPress hosting service, as sometimes way cheaper ones especially those that offer unlimited bandwidth tend to collapse as soon as it gets busy on the network. WPX Hosting is a great service to invest in and offers a lot of features that surely be beneficial.

Awesome Customer Support

One other aspect that stands out about WPX Hosting is their fantastic customer support. They have a 24/7 expert support team that is always ready to assist with any concerns. When websites are experiencing issues support must be available anytime as this could mean a large amount of loss if the issue is not tended to promptly. 

WPX Hosting’s support team checks both boxes in terms of the response time, and problem-solving. They don’t only work efficiently, but they are courteous and are indeed experts at what they do.

WPX Hosting Features and Benefits

Still not convinced? Here are some features of WPX hosting that might.

Website Backups

WPX hosting backs up client websites daily. For added protection, the files are then stored on a separate server and then kept for 14 days. There would be no charge for any backup retrieval when necessary. Alternative backup solutions are also welcome.

Free Migrations

Already own a WordPress website? Weighing all the options down and see if it is worth it to transfer to another service? Well, there’s no need to use any alternative plugins or tools to do so. 

WPX Hosting offers a free site migration service that can be accomplished in 24 hours. The migration service is reportedly completed in 24 hours. Isn’t’ that something?

Email Service

All WPX Hosting plans offered include email. This allows clients to send and receive emails while utilizing the address associated with their website’s domain name.

No Hassle Management

WPX Hosting client’s dashboard is so simple to use. View account details and other services, or check up on any tickets opened, or maybe manage emails and websites through it. The monitoring of bandwidth usage and disk space is also possible on the dashboard.

Some other helpful features of WPX Web Hosting:

  • Browser file manager server access
  • No disallowed plugins
  • WordPress Multisite support
  • 3rd party CDN support
  • Free SSL certificates
  • DDOS protection
  • phpMyAdmin database access
  • SSD storage
  • Free domain privacy

WPX Hosting has been recommended by search engine optimization expert Matthew Woodward.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is managed WordPress Hosting offered by WPX Hosting? What does that exactly cover?

There are a ton of things that WPX Hosting does for its clients. Differentiating what they do and what clients need to do for their website can be key for proper website management. These are some of what WPX Hosting does: Server uptime, WPX Cloud CDN uptime, Email functionality, Malware removal, and daily backups going back about 28 days (so much more).

What the client needs to do on their end is to manage their content for the site, work on the SEO, manage Ads, monitoring social media, and secure passwords among others. 

Can users host Non-USA websites in the USA and then rank in Google for the said country?

Yes, WPX Hosting hosts many websites from Britain and Australia, they pretty much rank and load just as fast. WPX also hosts sites from other countries like Brazil, Turkey, Germany, and Canada and isn’t experiencing any issues with them.

Where are WPX Hosting’s datacenters housed?

WPX’s datacenters are located in Chicago, Sydney, and London. The largest being in Chicago, this makes sure that WPX provides fast service with integrity.

Is SEO hosting one of WPX’s capabilities?

Right now, WPX Hosting is not yet set up for SEO hosting, however, they recommend Cloudboss.pro for the safest SEO hosting service as it is owned by SPX hosting’s co-CEO Terry Kyle.

What will happens if clients exceed the bandwidth limit?

WPX hosting always makes sure to make the client’s bandwidth and disk space limitations clear. Not only is this responsible usage, but for more stable networks across the host. When a user exceeds their limits then there is a chance for suspension. Don’t worry, WPX will reach out to clients who are about to exceed any limit. So there’s a clear means of communication to avoid misunderstanding.

Final Thoughts in our WPX Hosting Review

Fast, reliable, feature-packed, and affordable. To sum it all up, these are the qualities of WPX Hosting. When starting a business venture, especially in this digital world, websites are key to success. WPX helps businesses flourish by providing efficient and convenient services that they would benefit from.

Wait no more, and let the switch to WPX Hosting happen today.

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