Review of Bluehost Cloud Hosting

For those who need ultimate scalability and plenty of features, Cloud Hosting is one of the best options available! Of course, there are many perks when you host your web content across a group of machines instead of one. On top of all the features, cloud hosting allows you to serve your customers well — regardless where they are from.

Despite all these, you need to be careful when it comes to choosing your cloud hosting provider. Quite fortunately, though, Bluehost — one of the trusted names in web hosting industry — now offers best-in-class Cloud Hosting services for its customers. Even then, despite the popularity and reliability of Bluehost hosting Services, you may be a bit double-minded about going with Bluehost Cloud Hosting.

In this article, we shall have a comprehensive review of Bluehost Cloud Hosting Services, also known as Cloud Sites in the industry. We shall have a look at different aspects of the provided service, such as its pricing, reliability and main features etc.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting

About Bluehost Cloud Hosting or Bluehost Cloud Sites

Just as we mentioned, Cloud Sites by Bluehost is the official cloud hosting service you’d get from this web host giant! Being a product from Bluehost, this category too has been noted for its intuitive structure, affordable pricing and the great support from Bluehost. Bluehost Cloud Hosting claims to provide more features and optimized performance as it is compared to the traditional hosting packages around. For instance, in this package, you get advanced security as well as the power of flexibility. In short, Bluehost ensures all the notable perks of having a cloud hosting package. It’s possible that you may get some additional features as well.

Pricing Structure of Bluehost Cloud Sites

To make the selection simpler, Bluehost Cloud Hosting offers three different packages to choose from. The plans are Starter, Performance and Business Pro. Now, we shall have a look on each of these plans.


Starter is the basic plan of Bluehost Cloud Sites, and it is priced at $5.95 per month. Obviously, when we’d compare it with other web hosts, the rates are really lower. With this package, you can host only one website, though it offers unlimited bandwidth. Your cloud server will have 100 GB of storage space and 2 GB RAM. Starter is powered by a dual CPU server and has options for Local Caching and 1-Click Resource Scaling. This plan is for those who are starting up with Cloud Hosting scenario.


Performance is the most popular plan of Bluehost Cloud Sites. This second plan is priced at $8.95 per month, which is still an affordable rate. In this package, you get unlimited resources like storage space and bandwidth. You can host as many websites as you want. Also, unlike the basic plan, Performance plan gives you a quad-core CPU with 4 GB of RAM. Along with the aforementioned features like 1-Click Scaling and Local Caching, the Performance plan also gives you one SpamExperts License.

Business Pro

In the most advanced plan of Bluehost Cloud Hosting, Business Pro, you get unlimited resources and much more. It’s priced at $15.95 per month. Also, there’s a change in the provided CPU. You will be getting a 6-core CPU with 6 GB of RAM. Other things are same with the previous two plans we discussed. Nevertheless, the changes include availability of extra features. For instance, you get a dedicated IP address, SSL Certificate, Domain Privacy and Site Backup tools within Business Pro package.

In an overall view, the pricing structure of Bluehost Cloud Hosting seems impressive. When compared to what cloud hosting costs in the general industry, Bluehost’s rates are pretty low too. And, the best part is that a user can choose a plan according to his or her purpose.

Speed and Performance

This is where the cloud servers of Bluehost Cloud Hosting really excel! Thanks to the high-quality hardware in use, its servers are able to attain better speed than what is received by other competitors. The best part is that Bluehost can show you a turn-by-turn comparison between Bluehost Cloud Servers and other competitors like Media Temple and GoDaddy. Everywhere, Bluehost keeps its promise of being performance friendly. Not only does the page load faster, but it maintains the stability too.

Reliability of Bluehost Cloud Hosting

As a web hosting service provider, there is no question about the reliability of Bluehost. Same is the scene as we take the case of the cloud hosting servers too. When you host your websites on Bluehost Cloud Hosting, you don’t have to worry about facing downtimes and all. Being a cloud computing product, there’s an extra tip too. The entire data of your website will be stored on three different devices, which have been kept in distinct part of the globe. It is done via the fully-fledged datacenter network of Bluehost Cloud Sites. In this network structure, failure of one device does not affect your website. The connection will be rapidly shifted to another distinctly-stored device. Therefore, when you are ready to go, you will have better peace of mind. Also, you should take the One-Click Scalability options into account.

Usability and Support

These two are the major factors while setting up a cloud hosting scene! Talking about usability, Bluehost Cloud Hosting is bringing a completely easy-to-use Control Panel for users. In a single click, you can know about the current status of your cloud servers and website. There are also options to know the resource consumption levels such as RAM usage. Regardless your experience with cloud hosting, Bluehost Cloud Hosting is for you.

Coming to the case of technical support, Bluehost Cloud Hosting is just like the parent company’s other services. It’s easy enough to reach the technical support via the convenient method. You can choose one from live chat or phone. Either way, the support is on-to-the-point and you won’t have doubts left. And, in case if you didn’t know, Bluehost always have experts in their team. The fact that Bluehost Cloud Hosting is fully managed can keep things simpler. At the least, you won’t have to deal with patches, updates and all.

Notable Features in Bluehost Cloud Sites

Obviously, there are cool features in Bluehost Cloud Hosting that are worth noting. Some of the major ones are:

  • Automated Migration helps you have your website transferred to cloud from the traditional shared servers.
  • Resource Monitoring helps you keep an eye on how server resources are spent
  • Automated Failover makes sure that your website never goes down, by rapidly shifting data servers
  • Instant Scaling helps you enhance CPU or RAM usage according to your requirements
  • On top of all these, Bluehost Cloud Hosting gives the best speed

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The Final Word on Bluehost Cloud Sites

Recalling what we have said above, Bluehost Cloud Hosting is truly an awesome solution for those who need cloud-based hosting environment. Thanks to the intuitive interface and setup, everyone can get started with cloud hosting in Bluehost Cloud Sites. Fortunately enough, the prices have been kept at an accessible manner. it means that you’d have to spend just a bit more than what you’d pay for shared hosting from the same company. However, you will get a bunch of features, starting from instant scalability and to better speeds. Altogether, according to the pricing plans, Bluehost Cloud Hosting is a package that’s worth purchasing.