PureVPN – Everything You Need to Know

Have you been searching for the best value VPN? Perhaps, you’re searching for the fastest VPN service? Check out our PureVPN review.

Online Security, Staying Private and Anonymous

PureVPN runs on a highly secure AES 256-bit encrypted network, ensuring that you are protected, anonymous and safe as you go online. Whether you are on a home wi-fi network, sharing a mobile network, using a free public wi-fi or even a paid one – you need to keep your logins, passwords and financial details secure.

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Fast VPN Service

There is no reason why you should compromise on internet speed in exchange for security. If you’re streaming, uploading, downloading, gaming, working, trading or browsing, PureVPN is always super fast.

With 6500+ servers located across 140 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, Oceania and South America – you won’t be too far away from one in any of those 180+ locations.

Their Global network of servers have been optimised, so when you travel, you can still use PureVPN as you would at Home.

PureVPN can be used on a wide range of Devices

A big question is always; Can I use this PureVPN on all of my devices?

Rest assured, the level of compatibility is impressive:

Operating Systems:

  •  Apple iOS
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Mobile Devices:

  • Apple Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android Phones
  • Windows Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Windows Tablets

Gaming Consoles:

  • Xbox
  • Playstation

Plus so much more, pretty much everything we could think of is covered:

  • Android TV
  • Kodi
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • DD-WRT Router
  • Boxee Box
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Now TV Box

And much much more we haven’t even thought of!

The PureVPN 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee shows real confidence in their services too!

Multi-Login – Have multiple users and devices connected

You can login to 10 devices simultaneously with PureVPN – this is awesome. So for example, you could have your desktop, laptop, cellphone, Xbox and other devices all connecting to the secure VPN at the same time or perhaps you would like to share this level of security with your partner or family – we certainly would recommend it! This feature isn’t offered by many competitors to PureVPN so this added value is really excellent.

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Logless VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are built to encrypt your data and anonymize it. Once your network traffic is hidden, your Internet Service Provider cannot track it back to you or share your browsing history.

Since a VPN’s job is to ensure privacy and security, it should also practice what it preaches.

PureVPN has been certified as recording zero logs of it’s users activities:

  • No Logs of Browsing Activities
  • No Connection Logs
  • No Logs of Assigned VPN IPs
  • No Logs of Original IPs
  • No Logs of VPN Session Timestamps
  • No Logs of Browsing History

They have been thoroughly audited and certified by information systems auditor Altius IT – an industry leader.

Is it really necessary to have a VPN?

If you regularly use public Wi-Fi connections or Shared Wi-Fi, using a secure VPN service can help to keep your information safe from hackers.

Would you like to watch content from other countries on your favorite streaming services like Netflix?

PureVPN lets you get around geo-restrictions by giving you an IP address from almost any country you like, covering every region – North America, Asia, South America, Africa, South America, Central America and Oceania.

Best VPN Service

When you’re visiting or living in censored nations, you can’t gain access to certain websites and services.

Using a VPN, you’re able to bypass these restrictions and use the Internet freely and openly.

Can I use PureVPN for my Business?

Yes PureVPN offers this option and even provides bulk and volume discounts, depending on the size of your company and team.

With PureVPN Apps for Windows, Android, Linux, Apple and iOS – this makes connecting to their secure network simple.

Many huge and very well known businesses are using PureVPN to keep their employees online activities safe, including SpaceX, Samsung and Sony.

With dedicated 24/7 support too, your Global Enterprise can remain connected and safe.

PureVPN Payment Options

With PureVPN, you have many payment options, including:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Bitcoin
  • Alipay
  • Litecoin
  • Etherium
  • Mint
  • Giropay
  • Paygarden

Not every VPN service offers the option to pay with cryptocurrency, so this added option is welcome in allowing users to increase anonymity from the beginning. They also offer a 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which removes the risk to new users.

PureVPN Add-Ons

There are a number of very useful add-ons available for an added fee by PureVPN, including a dedicted IP, DDoS Protection and Port Forwarding. Looking at the pricing of these add-ons, in comparing PureVPN vs NordVPN – we can see the greater value offered by PureVPN currently.

In summary, we do highly recommend PureVPN and if you consider their 7 day trial, it’s a low risk way of testing all of the important VPN features and benefits we have listed above – click here to check out their best offers.