Is Bluehost Hosting Really Worth It?

It’s been more than a long decade since Bluehost established as an undoubted figure in web hosting industry. Although it started as a one-product company, Bluehost is currently the provider of a wide variety of web hosting products. And, you can even have domain names and Cloud servers from the same firm. If we consider the current scenario, Bluehost is the all-in-one supermarket for web-based professional. Once you get in there, you can have all the required products — from the basic shared web servers to fully-fledged dedicated server machines. The affordable pricing, best-in-class support and a few other features are what make Bluehost quite exceptional in the list. And, if you are to ask professional, chances are very low that you will get a negative review about Bluehost.

Despite all these praising and good stuff, you have the right to be dubious about Bluehost Hosting. At the least, you might be thinking whether Bluehost Hosting is really worth what you pay. The doubt strengthens if you are planning to shift from your old web host to Bluehost, expecting better performance and support. In this article, we shall help you to deal with a bunch of doubts you have. Here, we can have a comprehensive yet crispy overview of Bluehost Hosting, its features and a variety of plans you can have from the web host. In the end, you can understand whether Bluehost is worth the hype as well as whether you should choose it as your default web host.

First of all, we shall have an overview on Bluehost as a hosting service provider.

About Bluehost Hosting Products

Bluehost had its inception in 2003. Since then, the company has managed to keep its monopoly in web hosting industry. In the course of time, Bluehost has had enough competitors, but no one was as sustainable as Bluehost Hosting, for some reason or other. As we mentioned in the introduction, Bluehost was focusing on single products till recent times. It was before a few years that Bluehost extended its catalogue by including both the traditional and new-gen hosting products. As of now, Bluehost Hosting is offering the following kinds of hosting packages for users.

Shared Web Hosting

It is the basic range of web hosting you would have from Bluehost. It’s suitable for websites as well as blogs that have mediocre traffic. You cannot expect much performance from these servers, but shared web hosting seems enough for newbies. The basic plan of Bluehost Shared Hosting plan is available for $3.49 per month (don’t forget to use Bluehost coupon) and it offers 50 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and single-domain hosting.

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Virtual Private Server

VPS is the next step to advance web hosting needs. When it comes to VPSs, there is no sharing of resources. A virtual web server is created and allocated to a particular user, with all the benefits of security and flexibility. It indeed can withstand higher resource requirements. For $14.99, you can have the basic version of Bluehost VPS. There, you will have 30 GB SAN Storage, 1 TB Bandwidth and Dual Core CPU.

Dedicated Servers

They are fully-fledged server machines. These machines are built, organized and maintained by Bluehost and its excellent team. You can lease out these machines for a particular span of time, for a fixed rent. It is meant to fulfill ultimate resource consumption and offers the perks of being ‘dedicated’. The basic dedicated server package of Bluehost is priced at $74.99 per month, where you get 1TB Storage, 4GB RAM and 3 IPs.

WordPress Hosting

Optimized WordPress Hosting from Bluehost is the managed WordPress hosting package you can get. It has been priced in a reasonable manner and provides a better environment for websites/blogs that run on WordPress CMS. You also have other benefits such as advanced security and enhanced performance. You need to pay $12.49 per month to get the basic version of Bluehost’s Optimized WordPress Hosting.

WooCommerce Hosting

It resembles the characteristics of Bluehost WordPress Hosting. The only change is that it has been optimized for sites that are powered by WooCommerce. You need to pay a few extra dollars, but what you get is worth it. Here, the pricing is bought to $11.95 per month and it gets you all optimization for a better online store.

Cloud Hosting

This is what Bluehost calls its cloud computing-powered hosting services. Setting up your cloud-based web app is quite easy with Bluehost Cloud Sites. It bundles unlimited resources and features at a reasonable rate. You can have the basic version of Bluehost Cloud Sites for $5.95 every month.

Domain Names

Last but not least, you can have desired domain names too from Bluehost.

Major Benefits of Bluehost Hosting

It’s natural to guess — people won’t go for Bluehost unless it’s offering something unique. As it turns out, it is clear that Bluehost offers a bunch of cool features, regardless the package you go for. It does not matter whether you lease out one dedicated server or stick on to shared web hosting, the following benefits will be there in Bluehost.

  • Classy Support: For all the products, Bluehost offers best-in-class customer support. If you have some doubts, it takes just a few taps to clear the queries. You can contact the support team via phone calls or live chat. It’s been praised for the quality of support and treatment.
  • Free Domain Name: A free domain name is included in all the hosting packages of Bluehost. In short, you’re saving something around $10 when you prefer Bluehost to other hosts. For those who are struggling to build an online empire, this is a great feature.
  • Customized cPanel and Website Builder: The customized version of cPanel is useful for managing your server and websites. In addition to the perks of standard cPanel, Bluehost has made purpose-centric optimizations as well. At the same time, the free Website Builder of Bluehost is useful when you quickly need a website.
  • Better Performance: When compared to other web hosting providers, Bluehost Servers perform very well. It’s so because Bluehost itself is building and maintaining its machines, instead of outsourcing. Software and hardware sides go hand in hand.
  • The other features include the unlimited hosting packages, extra customizability, better scalability, instant allocation of servers and uptime guarantee of 99.99%.

Is Bluehost Hosting Really Worth It?

Now, we can come to a conclusion. Considering the above mentioned points, Bluehost is certainly worth what you have to pay. Nowhere else you will get features like unlimited resources and best-in-class support. On a serious note, the free domain feature is also superb, especially for newbies. So, if you ask us, we have enough reasons to say that Bluehost is a worthy web hosting provider.