How to Install WordPress on Bluehost Shared Web Server

There is no time to spend doubting whether the combination of WordPress and Bluehost makes sense! In the time, it has been proven that WordPress can work well in the environment that is provided by Bluehost hosting services. It is to be noted that even the basic version of Bluehost hosting services — namely the shared web hosting — does come with a truly impressive level of support for WordPress, discounted price, easy in installation to management. So, we would appreciate if you have a decision to choose Bluehost as web hosting provider for the upcoming blog / site based on WordPress; it does not matter how deep is your knowledge when it comes to technicalities of managing your web server. If you’re one of those who have purchased Bluehost shared hosting and want to install WordPress in the server, you’re at the right place — where you can find the tutorial to install WordPress on Bluehost web server. We hope the tutorial is capable of helping for those newbies. We hope we can start?

Please Note: it has to be noted that shared hosting control panel of Bluehost comes with scripts to install various CMSs and other blogging & site-building platforms. So, instead of following the long process of installing WordPress manually, it is possible for us make use of the scripts and that is what we have done in the tutorial. Here, we will give you step-by-step method to install WordPress in your Bluehost shared web server in a few clicks. There’s nothing technical to be involved, given that you have added the domain to Bluehost account.

Install WordPress on Bluehost Shared Hosting

  • Step One

Find MOJO Marketplace section of your Bluehost control panel and choose the option named One-Click Installs.

  • Step Two

Choose WordPress from the grid that appears next.

  • Step Three

In the upcoming page, you have to click on the Start button. It is to be used when you want to create new WordPress site. If you want to import another installation, there is an option to do that as well.

  • Step Four

In this page, you will be asked to select the domain, in which you would like to set up WordPress installation! As we’d said earlier, you have to connect your domain name to the Bluehost server, by changing the name servers. So, if you have integrated the domain, you will be able to select the domain name from the list.

In addition, you have to be a bit careful when filling the next section! If you want to set up the site in home page of the domain, you can leave that section blank. On the other hand, if you need to create a subdirectory and publish it, you have to enter a name in the field.

  • Step Five

In the next page, you have option to edit details of the WordPress installation, such as the username, password or the email address. If you want to do that, click on the Advanced Options part.

  • Step Six

Once you have thoroughly gone through the license agreements and related stuff, you can click the Install Now button, which will instantly start the installation process. In a few seconds, the WordPress installation will be done, and you can start blogging — right away!

Well, what do you think about this installation tutorial? Did you find it useful? Do let us know if you have some kinds of doubts or suggestions.