Features of Bluehost WordPress Hosting

When professionals find themselves confused between a common shared hosting and VPS to host WordPress site, it is usual to find solace in managed WordPress hosting, which combines power-packed Virtual Private Servers that are optimized to run WordPress CMS! Of course, it is inevitable to find a reliable web-hosting provider to ensure that the WordPress site or blog performs well, even in unexpected situations, such as a sudden flow of traffic or higher usage of bandwidth. Well, in that case, however, Bluehost hosting — one of the most popular web-hosting providers that is offering variety of web hosting services such as Shared, VPS and dedicated servers — is a nice option to go for! Here, to help you ensure that you will find out what you expect in Bluehost hosting services, we shall have a glance on noticeable features of Bluehost managed WordPress hosting. We are sure that these features will make you stick on to Bluehost as far as you need performance in accordance to what you pay. We hope we can move on now.

It’s Affordable

We hope you will be looking for a managed WordPress hosting as you want to upgrade from shared hosting but does not want to spend that much to have a fully fledged VPS. In that case, however, managed WordPress hosting plan of Bluehost will not disappoint you. You can have the basic plan of Bluehost at a first-month rate of $12.49 per month but with the help of Bluehost coupon you can get it for just $3.49 per month. Indeed, it’s lying between the rates of a VPS and shared web server so that your budget would not be crossed even when you go for an upgraded plan.

Different People, Different Plans

Bluehost has classified its managed WordPress hosting plans in such a way that each kind of professionals shall have a plan that suits its requirement as well as money ready to be spent. While the basic plan, Blogger, can handle up to 100 million visits each month, the Enterprise plan can handle as many visits as you receive. Also, you can see notable difference in storage space that is offered, space allotted to store your backup files, number of sites that you will be able to handled using ManageWP service etc. Altogether, Bluehost’s managed WordPress hosting plans are of course worth what you pay.

Simple Controls — Intuitive User Interface

Control section of Bluehost managed WordPress hosting has been simplified in such a way that even those who are a bit new to WordPress CMS will find it easier to manage their WordPress-powered sites and blogs! While talking of its UI, ManageWP has to be definitely mentioned, because the platform lets you manage your multiple WordPress sites and blogs from one screen, and it also offers options for migration of WordPress sites. Also, other features include its integration with MOJO Marketplace, which helps you find useful WordPress plugins, scripts and other resources that help you enhance your WordPress blog or site in a few clicks. In addition, server control panel is optimized as to make WordPress controls easier.

Enhanced Speed and Security

As we said earlier, Bluehost’s managed WordPress hosting is built upon a powerful VPS server that can help you have an enhanced level of speed as well as security. In terms of technicalities, Bluehost managed servers use NGINX type of architecture and the server has integrated support for W3 caching. Plus, security-centric features of the server do include SiteLock Security from Bluehost, Advanced Content Delivery Network to server your site to different users from different areas and SiteLock WAF.

What do you think about these top features of Bluehost WordPress hosting service? We are waiting for the reply from your side through comments.