Why Cheap Web Hosting Services are Bad for Our Website

It is well said that ‘Not all cheap services are worth.’ In brief, paying less will obviously provide fewer services. This is precisely true in the case of Web Hosting Market. The beginners in Web World often become the victim to the exaggerated advertisements promoting cheap web hosting plans. Not only are the website owners newbie, but also the hosting companies offering cheap host packages are most probably newcomers except for few likes Bluehost and HostGator Hosting. To step in the hosting market, they begin with selling out cheap hosting plans and thus, increase their number of clients. We, primarily, need to know what all severely gets affected by cheap web hosting:

  • Site Performance
  • SEO Ranking
  • Site Traffic
  • Site Business
cheap web hosting

Cheap web hosting packages are mostly offered by the Shared web hosting companies. These companies, in order to lower the cost, tend to host numerous websites on a single web server wherein the quality of hosting, both in terms of uptime and downtime, is deadly compromised. However, cheap hosting can work best for personal blogs or small-scale project websites.

Downtime Distress

As aforementioned, companies, who offer shared hosting, host plenty of sites on a single web server. Due to this, the access time to your site increases and the visitors might get annoyed and frustrated, and consequently, end up deciding not to visit your site henceforth because of this actually cheap downtime. Neither can the search engines easily access the website which then results in bad Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is all what we are basically familiar with, but hardly have we known the reason behind this often taking place downtime. In order to overcome this problem, every hosting company maintains redundancy of the sites it hosts. You must ensure that your site is backed up on the web server of that company. When the server goes down, so does your site; this is a normal situation without redundancy. Whereas, with the redundancy plan, the company maintains an alternate server that can replace the failed one. Thus, your site won’t experience the tragic downtime!

Surrounding Spammers

Not only do the personal bloggers look up for cheap hosting but also do the web culprits. Sharing server space and part of IP address with these Internet spammers, such as the adult content holders, gives a negative impact on your site business and SEO. Consider a visitor tries to visit your webpage through IP address and he accidentally enters few wrong digits, this might then take him to an adult site. Such a case will severely damage your content reputation and may even get shut down as per the cyber laws. Hence, to stay away and alert from all these irrelevant stuffs you must avoid choosing the cheap plans or simply verify who your neighbors are.

Lazy Loading

This factor is a sure shot to hit your rankings in Google SERP. Webmasters, especially the newbie, take ‘low cost plan’ into account as an outweighing feature as compared to the other services provided by the host company. Little do they know that these plans do not have speedy display guarantee i.e. they nowhere mention the time it will take to make the website appear on the screen on page request. This is usual slower in the cheap hosting as it doesn’t consider the load time factor in its plan. Need not to explain that this directly affects SEO and traffic.

Crappy Customer Support

Usually, cheap hosting plans lack in satisfactory customer care services. As most of the companies are new to the market, they hardly have idea in which factors to invest to get engaged with more and more clients. The customer support team may not be technically strong and the suggestions provided may not necessarily help you out. You must switch to the plans with expert customer services because this is something you will definitely need to interact to and take aid from, at the end of the day. Saying ‘Cheap plans are the best preferred ones’ is just a myth and the focus should be transferred in improvising other very essential aspects for successful hosting.

Sometimes, choosing the cheapest option may cost you a huge amount!

Therefore, select a hosting plan that provides services best suitable for your website regardless of its cost, such as simple and easy CPanel, Customer Care Support, Technical features, Quick Load Time, Excellent Uptime, Scalability and so on. You may find other plans, inclusive of these healthy services, unaffordable, but then why compromise on quality in greed of saving some bucks? Make smart decisions and indulge into smart blogging! Share your opinions regarding your own site hosting experiences and help others in choosing the right plan and not only the cheap plan.