Bluehost WordPress Hosting: Is It the Best Choice for WordPress Bloggers

If you ask experienced web-based professionals about the combination of WordPress and Bluehost — one of the most popular Content Management Systems and one of the widely used web-hosting providers —, chances are quite high that majority of the responses you get will be positive in nature! It is so, because Bluehost has been able to create as well as to sustain an impressive opinion among professionals, which makes other, especially newbies, have a superb level of reputation and authenticity. In this post, however, we would like to analyze whether Bluehost is an effective option for WordPress bloggers.

Since there are options a blogger can choose — either to buy the shared hosting one and install WordPress in it, quite easily or to purchase the managed WordPress hosting service —, we’d fix on one. It has to be noted that, in this article, we are analyzing the managed WordPress hosting service offered by Bluehost. So all set, shall we start?

An Introduction to Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting

Optimized web hosting service for WordPress-powered websites and blogs is offered by Bluehost web hosting services at a truly impressive rate, which neither too expensive nor too cheap. As the company says, it will be a fast, secure and simple task to run WordPress in the managed WordPress servers you get from Bluehost, as these servers are built as well as treated as to give you an effective proportion of performance, consistency and speed of the website or blog! Well, don’t think that it is a shared web hosting that comes with WordPress pre-installed — on the other hand, it’s a lot more than, enough to satisfy the passionate WordPress blogger in you. Now, as you’ve a clear idea about the web hosting product, we will check out why (and why not, if any) Bluehost WordPress hosting is a good deal for bloggers.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting: Pricing and Plans

From the short-budget-keepers’ point of view, Bluehost WordPress hosting will be a bit expensive but you’ve to keep in mind the fact that you are getting an optimized Virtual Private Server for your WordPress blog or site rather than a shared server, whose resources are consumed by others as well. You can always save money for first time using Bluehost coupons for WordPress hosting. Coming to the plans of Bluehost WordPress hosting, four plans are available as of now.

The first plan is for bloggers, who expect around 100 million visitors a month and the plan offers 24*7 support and a money-back guarantee that enhances credibility of the service. Also, you get SiteLock CDN and SiteLock Pro, which will really be useful. As you move on, you will have to pay more (as for example, the enterprise plan that needs you pay a higher amount of $85) but you can be assured about the features you get along with additional features such as SSL, Site Backup services etc.

What Makes Bluehost WordPress Hosting a Better Choice

  • Powerful Servers — Really Powerful

Apart from the fact that you are only the one to consume your resources, VPSs used for managed WordPress hosting service from Bluehost has some other advantages as well. Built on the NGINX architecture, these VPSs have enough features to enhance protection of the site, taking into account the Integrated Caching technology as well. The VPSs are built and managed by Bluehost, enabling instant customization and upgrades as you require more resources.

  • Integrations that are Simple Enough

Despite the easy to use User Interface that you can sense as you move on with Bluehost, its WordPress hosting part is rich in terms of integrations that make management of website and associated stuff easier. For instance, we have to consider the integration with MOJO Marketplace, from which users will be able to find and download plug-ins and install them to enhance productivity of the site. Other features of WordPress managed hosting include ManageWP & WordPress-centric controls.

  • Utmost Security Ensured

As is majority of web-hosting services from Bluehost hosting services, the managed WordPress hosting service does make enough sense from the security-freak’s point of view. To enhance security of your site, Bluehost has included SiteLock Security, an advanced CDN to ensure quickest delivery of content and SiteLock WAF. Altogether, you can be almost sure that your data never gets into those unwanted hands. Well, there are perks of having VPS, you know.

To Conclude

When we are supposed to conclude whether Bluehost web hosting is the best one for WordPress blogger, we would like to give a positive reply! Considering all the features we have mentioned above, it indeed is!