Which is Better Bluehost Pro or Bluehost VPS

Despite the fact that Shared Hosting is the best place to start your blogging or internet marketing ventures, time will need you to upgrade your server capabilities and thus site performance as time progresses. Since most of web hosts do offer Virtual Private Servers, which are concerned to be the best upgrade from shared hosting, most professionals tend to purchase a Virtual Private Server, in order to have enhanced security, exclusive availability of resources, nice level of privacy and more importantly, the improved server performance. However, most professionals have a sort of confusion if they are using Bluehost as their web-hosting provider. Yes, people have a tendency to be confused when it comes to choosing between Bluehost Shared Hosting Pro and Bluehost VPS services. In this post, through a neutral comparison of both these services, we would like to find the better one between Bluehost Pro and Bluehost VPS. To do so, however, we shall have an overview of both VPS and Shared Hosting Pro.

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Shared Hosting Pro Vs. Virtual Private Server

As you might know, Bluehost offers shared hosting services and it has a pro version as well. Pro version of Bluehost is having a price tag of $19.99 per month but you will be able to have the plan for $13.95 now by using Bluehost discount link. This plan lets you host as many domain names as you want, offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, includes a free domain, marketing offers worth $200, which can be used to promote your website or blog. Plus, there are some additional features such as:

  • Global CDN to ensure speed and optimum service to your customers
  • 2 SpamExperts to reduce number of spam attacks you encounter
  • 1 Server Security Layer certificate to make sure that the data submitted by users reaches your server without being accessed by attackers
  • 1 Dedicated IP Address to ensure security
  • SiteBackup Pro to make sure that all your files and other documents are backed up regularly
  • High Performance servers that can offer you exclusive resources along with more processing power

On the other hand, Bluehost VPS is a fully fledged Virtual Private Server that costs $14.99 per month (it actually costs $29.99, by the way) for the most basic plan. It offers a 2 CPU core-based virtual server that can meet up with all your needs. Specifications of the basic plan of Bluehost VPS are:

  • Dual Core CPU
  • 30GB Storage Space
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Free Domain
  • 1 IP Address

So, we guess you have the basic idea about both Pro Shared Hosting of Bluehost and Bluehost VPS! It has to be kept in your mind that we are talking about most basic VPS variant from Bluehost and there will be very expensive change in the money you have to pay as you move further with the plans.

Now, as you might have already observed, it seems that Bluehost Pro is rather impressive than the basic VPS plan of Bluehost hosting services! Now, we will have a look on top advantages of using Bluehost Hosting Pro instead of a VPS plan from the same firm.

  • One of the reasons that restrain users from purchasing VPS is money and the same reason makes them grab a cheap VPS, which is, more often than note, cheap in terms of quality and performance as well. In that case, however, Bluehost Pro is quite affordable, as you can have that for $19.99. So, in simpler words, you’ll have powerful and enhanced web servers without paying that much. We hope it is a great deal for professionals, who are struggling with their tight budget.
  • However simple the UI may be, it is a rather tiresome process to take care of a VPS, especially when it comes to a normal professional. In the case of Bluehost Hosting Pro, you do not have to fear much, because you can use your server as if you are managing a simple shared hosting account, although performance is higher than you expect it to be.

The Conclusion

Recalling what we have found out in earlier sections, Bluehost Hosting Pro is indeed the better choice when we have both Pro and VPS in our list to choose. If you are looking for any alternative then feel free to checkout this article about best and cheap hosting providers. Well, what do you think? We are eager to know.