Bluehost India Review: Affordable Hosting

As you all know, Bluehost needs no introduction in global web hosting industry. It’s a web host that has been praised well by both expert professionals and common users. And, there can be no doubt about reliability, effectiveness or suitability of Bluehost when you need hosting for your upcoming web project. But, there is a possibility of another confusion when it comes to Bluehost — and that’s between Bluehost India and Bluehost Global. Despite being from the same brand, both have differences in-between. To help you with the selection of a better host, we have a Bluehost India review here.

We’ll go through various aspect of Bluehost India Hosting, which is considered an affordable hosting package. We can also tell you the benefits of opting in for Bluehost India instead of the global counterpart. So, shall we start?

About Bluehost India Hosting

It’s been a while since Bluehost India entered the hosting industry with cunning plans and pricing structures. Simply put, it is the Indian subsidiary of Bluehost International, owned by Endurance International Group. However, it isn’t a problem if you consider Bluehost India as an entirely different company. There are certain differences you find between Bluehost US and Bluehost India, in terms of performance and looks. Even then, both have a lot in common. Bluehost India is noted for the affordable packages, accompanied by promotional deals, discount codes and local support. Now, we hope, you’ve an idea about Bluehost India Hosting. So, it’s time to check out other aspects in this Bluehost India Review.

Services offered by Bluehost India

A bunch of digital services and products are offered by Bluehost India Hosting. The major services are as follows.

  • Linux Hosting is the shared web hosting package, powered by Linux servers. You get an impressive set of resources as well as no-limit scenario. These packages are useful for those who are starting up with their blogs.
  • Virtual Private Servers are also available from Bluehost India, and these are high-quality machines. If you want an efficient level of customization and features, you can go with Bluehost India VPSs.
  • Next up, in dedicated section, Bluehost offers Dedicated Server Hosting too. In this package, you can lease out an entire web server machine from Bluehost datacenters. The servers are fully managed and you don’t have to worry about technical aspects of anything.
  • For less than 500 INR per month, Bluehost India is offering Cloud services as well. Some advantages of cloud are its better scalability, reliability and unified performance.
  • Bluehost India is also offering Domain Names in the services. You can have your desired domain name right away from your Hosting panel; and it’s easy to set that up.

Well, these are the different services you’d have from Bluehost India Hosting. Next, we will go to the pricing structure of the products offered.

Bluehost India Products — Pricing Structure

In order to get a pricing structure of Bluehost India products, we will consider Shared Web Hosting plans. Since it’s offering both Linux and Windows servers, we are going to consider the Linux version. And, what’s more, Bluehost India lets you choose from US Hosting or IN Hosting. It means, if you want, you can get some US-Hosted shared servers. So, the pricing for different packages of Bluehost Shared Hosting Linux is as follows.

  • Standard is the starter plan of Bluehost India Shared Hosting. It’s available for 289 INR per month and can be used for single domain hosting.
  • Business plan of Bluehost Shared Hosting is priced at 329 INR per month. Here, you can host up to three domains in a single dashboard.
  • Pro package of Bluehost India is available for a monthly rate of 469 INR. It lets you host as many domain names as you would need. And, you won’t have issues with resources.

The Features of Bluehost India Hosting

The best part of Bluehost India is that all the above mentioned plans offer unlimited resources. You get unlimited storage space, bandwidth, email accounts etc. Moreover, a Global CDN is included in all of them. Other common features of shared hosting include the one-click installation scripts for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. And, we should mention the fact that software and hardware side of Bluehost India is just awesome. They are built with ultimate care, conforming to the newer demands and standards. In short, there is no question about the effectiveness of such plans.

Thing gets better when we come to the case of Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers. Bluehost India combines three technologies — KVM, Dell Hardware and CentOS — to bring the best performance. For instance, KVM makes sure that you always get required resources no matter what others are doing. Summing up, Bluehost India offers cool features and a set of superb hardware-software combo.

Why You Should Choose Bluehost India?

Apart from the above-said features and options, there are some other perks you get by going with Bluehost India Hosting. Some of them are:

  • Bluehost India offers support for Indian payment options. Often, Indian debit cards and credit cards can’t be used in Bluehost Global site. However, here, you can use a variety of payment method without the worry of getting it rejected.
  • Next up, Bluehost India offers its web servers from Indian data centers itself. Suppose you have a site/blog that is receiving major traffic from India or Asia. Then, having an India-based web server can reduce the latency and have a boost in speed. However, if you are focusing US-clients, it’s the other way round.
  • Bluehost India offers local customer support. So, when you are hosting with Bluehost India, you don’t need to be expert in English to seek support. In most cases, you can have support in your own language

So, these are worth the effort, don’t you think?

Bluehost India Review – Summing Up

It’s time to reach a final decision in our review of Bluehost India. Bluehost India Hosting is pretty much convenient to use if it’s compared to the global counterpart. It does not matter whether you are looking for VPS or Shared Hosting, you would get a better offer from Bluehost. Moreover, you get the perks of lower latency and better speed, as you host your servers in Indian subcontinent itself. Altogether, considering the extremely affordable pricing, it’s worth what you pay.