Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Services Review

There are many reasons to pick Dedicated Server Hosting for your website/blog. The first reason is that they can give you better performance, speed and storage space and other perks. And, your resources are solely yours, and there’s no case of ‘resource-sharing’ going on. Because of these, dedicated hosting packages offers advanced customizability as well – from the server OS in use to the amount of RAM you’re allotted. To get all these perks, however, you need to be careful about the selection.

Bluehost — which has been a trusted provider of various hosting plans — offers a dedicated hosting package, with different sub-plans in it. Today, in this Bluehost Dedicated Hosting review, we will see how good the service is. Shall we start?

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting — Plans and Pricing Structure

Bluehost is considerably one of the most affordable dedicated hosting providers around. It has three plans currently.

  • Standard: Standard is the basic plan in Bluehost Dedicated hosting package and it’s priced at $74.99 for first month. There are four processors, each clocked at 2.5GHz and you get mirrored storage of 1 TB. The servers have a monthly bandwidth of 5 TB and a RAM of 4 GB. You get three IP addresses when you purchase this.
  • Enhanced: Enhanced plan of Bluehost is for those who need better resources. There is no change in terms of processing power, because you get four processors clocked at 2.5GHz. However, by paying $99.99 first month, you get 10 TB of Bandwidth and 8 GB of RAM. There is no change in the mirrored storage space, which is kept to 1 TB. Four IP addresses are included in this package
  • Premium: Premium is the advanced plan in Bluehost Dedicated Hosting. It has been priced at $124.99 first month and has some serious performance improvements. First of all, it offers four processors, each clocked at 3.3GHz. You get 16 GB of RAM and 15 TB of monthly bandwidth. There is, however, no change in allocated storage space. However, you get five IP addresses with the plan.

There are some common features included in Standard, Enhanced and Premium plans of Bluehost dedicated hosting. For instance, you get a free domain name with each plan. Bluehost has also included a money-back guarantee and a 24*7 support package. These are apart from the Bluehost-exclusive features such as its use of OpenStack technology and advanced control options.

Features Offered in Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Packages

Apart from plan-specific features, you get some factors when you purchase dedicated servers from Bluehost. Its nice features are as follows:

  • Instant Provisioning is an awesome feature from Bluehost. You don’t have to wait hours or days to get hands on your server. As soon as you pay, it will be available.
  • Better Controls are assured in every plan of Bluehost dedicated servers. Thanks to its improved control panel in use, you can have in-depth access to CentOS.
  • With Bluehost, it’s easy to manage advanced options such as Secure Shell access and other means of server-side includes.
  • In addition to these, you can have additional options like SiteLock, Domain Privacy and SSL Certificates. You’d also get an option to add extra storage to server without actually contacting the hosting admin.

Does it Perform Well?

Well, Yes! Bluehost has taken its best effort to make sure that the servers have best performance delivered. They do use server hardware that is custom-built and optimize. The OS used is CentOS, which is quite user-friendly and at the same time powerful. In short, the infrastructure base of Bluehost is quite promising, we bet. It seems that all these kinds of measures have helped Bluehost to bring the best performance to users. If we take the case of uptime, it can get you 100% in the past 30 days. It needs to be noted that Bluehost is offering 99.99% uptime only. However, as we come to the practical aspect, Bluehost manages to keep your site functioning all the time. One reason for this fact is the dedicated technician teams that Bluehost has in its in-house data centers. This impact of performance can also be seen in the case of server response time.

User Interface

Just like other hosting products from Bluehost, Usability is on high standards in Bluehost Dedicated Hosting scenario. The best part is that you’d get flexibility as well, along with the perks of being usable. Bluehost servers are powered by CentOS, which as we said, is a powerful server management platform with enough features. On top of that, you’d have cPanel, which is easy to choice. So, while CentOS brings ultimate customization option, cPanel keeps managing aspect to be the best. So, we have our complete recommendation over the usability aspect.

Customer Support

Dedicated Support is offered in all plans of Bluehost Dedicated Server hosting. Regardless the plan you have, you will be able to contact the support team for clearing your doubts and getting jobs done. There are Live Chat and Live Call options to reach the team, by the way. And, the best part is that Bluehost has equipped the support team with same engineers who are maintaining your servers. In short, expertise is a guarantee.

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The Final Verdict

Now that we have seen different areas of Bluehost Dedicated Hosting, the conclusion is here. We really recommend Bluehost dedicated hosting to those who are passionate about constancy. With the servers, you can have best speed and performance along with flexibility. Also, the availability of customer support is a big advantage, we bet. If we are to consider all these, you can be confident enough to go with Bluehost dedicated hosting.