5 Reasons to Host with Bluehost

Nowadays, there are hundreds of web hosting providers in the industry! Some do provide specialized hosting if other ones are into general hosting products. But, there are only a few web hosts that do excel in both sectors. We can put Bluehost into that list, at any case. Bluehost has been a trusted web host for more than a decade. Even now, newbie professionals love to host with Bluehost when they need an effective, always-up website/blog. Lots of customers are using Bluehost products for personal, professional and enterprise needs.

Despite all these, as a newbie, you might be doubtful why you should host with Bluehost. In this article, we shall give you five reasons why you should host your website/blog with Bluehost’s hosting services. The following reasons will be applicable when you go for standard web hosting or specialized hosting like WordPress. Are we all set to start?

Bluehost is Cost-Effective

Regardless the web hosting package you go for, Bluehost is truly cost-effective. The statement is true for shared web hosting, VPS Servers, WordPress Hosting or dedicated server machines. Everywhere, you can be sure that you do get features worthier than what you pay. For instance, we can take the case of Bluehost shared hosting. Its basic shared hosting package is available for $3.49 per month, offering unlimited bandwidth and 50 GB of storage space. The best part is that you get a free domain name for one year. In short, you are going to save more than a few dollars if you’re planning to get shared hosting from Bluehost Web Hosting. Same is the case when we come to WordPress-specific hosting, which is starting at $12.49 per month. You won’t find much reliable hosts at such a reasonable rate. In light of all these — and you need to take Bluehost coupon codes into account —, we can say that Bluehost is truly a cost-effective package.

It’s Easy to Host with Bluehost

Bluehost is perhaps the most user-friendly web hosting providers you’d ever come across! From purchase to setting up your website, the intuitive User Interface of Bluehost will be quite helpful, we bet. For instance, we can take that control panel into consideration. Bluehost gives us a customized cPanel-based control panel for server management. The panel is clean, feature-rich and easily accessible at the same time. As though it isn’t enough, Bluehost has added a few cool features in the panel. For instance, there’s a free Site Builder, a set of Quick-Installation scripts that allow you to install desired Content Management System or Web Platform in no time and a few options for marketing. It’s a simple thing for everyone, regardless your prior expertise with web server management and site-building.

Bluehost is Reliable

When you host your website with Bluehost, you don’t need to have those nightmares — like, that of getting all your accounts suspended or losing your money. On the other hand, you can be confident about reliability of Bluehost as it comes to the case of uptime, performance and security. It’s a fact that Bluehost is offering 99.99% uptime for various web services, but that can be read as 100%. If you ask professionals who have used Bluehost, they won’t really recall a moment when they faced downtime with servers. That is, even when the so-called hosting experts fail to give you a 24*7 uptime, Bluehost does its job fine. In case if you wanted to know its user-base, Bluehost now hosts 2000000+ domain names, which is huge enough for a web hosting firm. Even then, Bluehost gives you a 30-day money back guarantee — in case if you don’t like the service from Bluehost.

Outstanding Customer Support

Something that you’d surely love in Bluehost is its customer support. Let that be your complaints or doubts, Bluehost customer support team is expert enough to clear your queries. There are various methods to reach the support team such as live chat and telephone-based support. Telephone support is just awesome because of several reasons. First, you don’t have to wait minutes to get to the interface. Secondly, your questions are answered by a real person, and not just a mere automated thing. So, you have the human touch and expertise in the support you get. The same level of helpfulness is there even when you go for Live Chat to gain support.

Better Performance

Last but not least, Bluehost gives you better performance and speed. Your website will have the best loading speed if it is hosted with Bluehost. There are several factors that allow Bluehost to do that. First of all, the server hardware of Bluehost is created and maintained by Bluehost itself. When the state-of-the-art hardware is combined with the well suited software, better performance is a sure thing, we’d say. Also, there are several additional features like caching.

Summing Up

So, here are the five reasons why you should host with Bluehost. Regardless the platform — let that be HTML or WP —, Bluehost has the most appropriate packages for you. Not just that; best-in-class performance is also guaranteed in the end. Altogether, you won’t regret going for Bluehost if you love having a good performance and speed-rich site or blog.